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Disclaimer: Unfortunately, this site cannot guarantee that every fact is accurate or timely, so please confirm all information with each program’s executive director before you act.
   An Online Educational Guide for Students & Parents
If you are looking for useful community information about Hopkinsville, Kentucky, then this is the site for you. Designed as an aide to both students and parents, Hopkinsville How To provides an easy-to-use interface to search and index information about schools, colleges, scholarships, community programs, after school programs and public activities that are fun and safe for the entire family. Welcome! Life in Hopkinsville just got easier for you and your family!

This site places at your finger tips every known program related to youth, health, and education in Hopkinsville! Just type in a key word below or click the headings to the left. For your convenience, each heading lists local programs by area of interest. Note that by double-clicking any red area you can immediately alphabetize each section and print each heading’s programs.

Whether for scholarships, education, sports, leadership, or health, this site will hopefully put you in contact with the right person and program to meet your need! If your need is still not met or to recommend new programs that may benefit others, please click here to contact the website administrators.

Thanks to Cornerstone, the collective and coordinated wisdom of Hopkinsville is now conveniently available to you at anytime!

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