Christian Co.Public Schools: Phone: Key Contacts: E-mail address:
Brady Link 270-887-7001 Superintendent
Rim Watson 270-887-7024 Asst. Superintendent
Janie Tomek 270-887-7016 Asst. Superintendent
Sarah Kranz 270-887-7005 Director of Pupil Personnel
Kerry Knight 270-887-7002 Director of Personnel
Patty Grable 270-887-7004 Director of Special Education
Paula Yoakum 270-887-7000 District Assessment Coordinator
Ruth Lynch 270-887-7015 Minority Recruitment
Janie Tomek 270-887-7016 Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Kim Batts 270-887-7008 School to Work Coordinator
Regan Huneycutt 270-887-7018 Public Relations
Philip Taylor 270-887-7013 Director of Technology
Cathy Henderson 270-887-7015 Director of Federal Programs
Alternative School Phone: Key Contacts: Alternative School
Lisa Fourshee 270-887-1477 Principal
Rise Karr Guidance Counselor(s)
Career & Technology Center Phone: Key Contacts: Career & Technology Center
Don Love 270-887-7030 Principal
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Christian Co. High Phone: Key Contacts: Christian Co. High
Kathy Hancock 270-887-7051 Principal
John Henderson Assistant Principal
Kathy Johnson Assistant Principal
Kent Parrent Assistant Principal
Lori Dexter Curriculum Specialist
Alicia Lancaster Curriculum Specialist
Paul Barrett 270-887-7052 Freshman Counselor
Carla Chenoweth 270-887-7052 Sophomore Counselor
Mike Hensley 270-887-7052 Junior Counselor
Rita Hudson 270-887-7052 Senior Counselor
Hopkinsville High Phone: Key Contacts: Hopkinsville High
Demetria Choice 270-887-7111 Principal
Terry Hayes Assistant Principal(s)
Claudelle Robertson Assistant Principal(s)
Debbie Bardwell Curriculum Specialist(s)
Wendy Mize 270-887-7370 Freshman Counselor
Lisa Wooten 270-887-7372 Sophomore Counselor
Jane Morris 270-887-7373 Junior Counselor
Janet Latham 270-887-7371 Senior Counselor
Christian Co. Middle Phone: Key Contacts: Christian Co. Middle
Larry Cavanah 270-887-7071 Principal
Chuck Standiford Assistant Principal
Mike Tinsley Assistant Principal
Marsha Garnet Curriculum Specialist
Kelly Walker 270-887-7072 Guidance Counselor
Lisa Wadley 270-887-7072 Guidance Counselor
Hopkinsville Middle Phone: Key Contacts: Hopkinsville Middle
Wendy Duvall 270-887-7131 Principal
Clyde Lile 270-887-7131 Interim Principal
Kenneth Anderson Assistant Principal(s)
Don Trent Assistant Principal(s)
Tom Hickey Assistant Principal(s)
Jan Heltsley Curriculum Specialist(s)
Kelley Walsh 270-887-7132 Guidance Counselor(s)
Erin Purdy Guidance Counselor(s)
North Drive Middle Phone: Key Contacts: North Drive Middle
Nathan Howton 270-887-7151 Interim Principal
Paulette Abren Assistant Principal(s)
Bill Woodard Assistant Principal(s)
Debra Markwell 270-887-7152 Guidance Counselor(s)
Terri Peters 270-887-7152 Guidance Counselor(s)
Belmont Phone: Key Contacts: Belmont
Rita Stewart 270-887-7170 Principal
Anita Hopson Curriculum Specialist(s)
Shawna Barnett Guidance Counselor(s)
Crofton Phone: Key Contacts: Crofton
Geoff Bailey 270-887-7190 Principal
Kathy Harton Curriculum Specialist(s)
Doris Turner Guidance Counselor(s)
Holiday Phone: Key Contacts: Holiday
Karen Shields 270-887-7210 Principal
Linda Ledford Curriculum Specialist(s)
Tiffany Gilkey Guidance Counselor(s)
Indian Hills Phone: Key Contacts: Indian Hills
Helena Radford 270-887-7230 Principal
Joan Drury Curriculum Specialist(s)
Carolyn Major Guidance Counselor(s)
Lacy Phone: Key Contacts: Lacy
Sandra Livingston 270-887-7250 Principal
Pam Murphy Curriculum Specialist(s)
Marilyn Felts Guidance Counselor(s)
Martin Luther King Jr. Phone: Key Contacts: Martin Luther King Jr.
Sarah Newman 270-887-7310 Principal
Melissa Adams Curriculum Specialist(s)
Angie Puckett Curriculum Specialist(s)
Carolyn Haddock Guidance Counselor(s)
Millbrooke Phone: Key Contacts: Millbrooke
Anissa Hendricks 270-887-7270 Principal
Shane Pickerill Assistant Principal(s)
Janie Noland Curriculum Specialist(s)
Ashley Joiner Guidance Counselor(s)
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Pembroke Phone: Key Contacts: Pembroke
Laura Morris 270-887-7290 Principal
Tracey Leath Curriculum Specialist(s)
Mary Bess Ross Guidance Counselor(s)
Sinking Fork Phone: Key Contacts: Sinking Fork
Kathleen Carter 270-887-7330 Principal
Tonya Oakley Curriculum Specialist(s)
Marti Lopez Guidance Counselor(s)
South Christian Phone: Key Contacts: South Christian
Janie Giles 270-887-7350 Principal
Jason Russell Assistant Principal(s)
Dana Gary Curriculum Specialist(s)
Debbie Prowse Guidance Counselor(s)
Carol Sturdivant Guidance Counselor(s)