Recommended High School Timeline:
9th-12th Grades: 10th Grade: 11th Grade: 12th Grade:
Take Math. & Science classes October: Take PSAT Fall: Take ACT practice class Fall: Take ACT practice class
Take hardest classes * See HS counselor * See HS counselor * See HS counselor
Take hardest teachers   * Probably for top 20% of class *(Possibly take SAT)
Meet with HS counselor   * Finalize college choices
Fall: Attend College Fairs February: Take Pre-ACT Take the ASVAB test!
* Given by military recruiters
Eligible for Upward Bound? Fall: See HS counselor if Winter: Take February ACT
Gregory Marable interested in Governor's Scholar * if necessary or School for the Arts Programs
Summer:  ACT test dates: ACT test dates: ACT test dates:
Visit several different colleges
Attend special academic camp?
  Spring: Take ACT May: Make Final College or
  Workforce Selection!
Spring: Take AP tests
  * Score 3+
Summer Camp @ HCC? Spring: Attend Summer Spring: Attend Summer Academic Camp? Academic Camp?
HCC Admissions: HCC Admissions:
  Julie Hyams: 707-3824 Leigh Ann Simpson: 707-3821
  HCC Financial Aid: HCC Financial Aid:
Katraya Williams: 707-3831 Katraya Williams: 707-3831