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Academic recommendations Elementary
Academic recommendations High School High school students are encouraged to first review the high school graduation requirements before they begin planning their class schedule. Failure to meet these requirements will block graduation. Students should seek out rigorous classes to best prepare themselves for post-secondary education, service in the military, or the work force.
Academic recommendations HS Worksheet6
Academic recommendations Middle School Middle School curriculum is fairly uniform where students take five core classes and then rotate through a series of exploratory courses. Students can also choose to take either band or choir.
Adult education GED-TABE For more information, call 887-1319, or come by the HCC Technology Center, Room 205, 720 North Drive, Hopkinsville, KY 42240, 887-1319. Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. The GED is an exam that enables a person (19 or older, or out of school a minimum of 90 days if under the age of 19) who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma. In order to take the Official GED Test, one must first take the Official GED Practice Test. Upon passing the practice test (which is free), the individual is then eligible to take the Official GED Test. If between the ages of 16 - 18, one must present proof of official withdrawal from school to be eligible to attend adult education classes or take the practice test. If one needs it, free instruction is available in whatever area the individual needs. Most instruction is on an individualized basis. Some group sessions are also offered. Please call 887-1319 to make an appointment for your first visit.
Adult education Literacy Council 'A local United Way agency, the program provides family literacy awareness activities aimed at breaking the cycle of illiteracy, e.g. Project Born to Read, BOOKENDS Family Reading Club, and Community Reader Day. The program assists the Adult Education Program in providing employment testing and instructional services for undereducated adults. For additional information, please call 887-1319 or e-mail bthomson@christian.k12.ky.us. Help is also available through our adult education program for adult non-readers. Any adult interested in improving his/her reading skills can come into the HCC Technology Building, Room 205, at any time during our regular hours of operation. A reading assessment will be necessary, and then an instructional plan will be developed. Please call 886-8171 for additional information or click here link here , United Way of the Pennyrile.
Behavior problems Family Resource & Youth Service Centers All Christian County Public Schools have Family Resource Centers, Guidance Counselors, Nurses, School Psychologists and Pennyrile Mental Health Center counseling support. For additional details, please contact the guidance counselor at your child's school. To speak with the guidance counselor, please contact your child’s school.
Career & Technology Career & Technology Center Located behind the Central Office and Ch. Co. Middle School, the Career & Technology Center offers a tremendous opportunity for students who prefer welding over Shakespeare. Please call Dr. Don Love anytime for additional information. Also, can earn HCC college credit while attending the CTC or coordinate the courses so that they transfer to HCC upon high school graduation.
Career & Technology High School-HCC The Advising Center is located on the first floor of the Administrative Building. Our staff encourages you to make the Center your first stop when you decide you are ready to take that first class or return to college after being out of school for a while. Services are provided on a walk-in basis. You are invited to come in an take advantage of the many services avaialble, including academic advising, new student orientation registration, COMPASS assessment appointments, and class registration. The Center is located on the first floor of the Administration Building, hours are 8:00 am to 5:30 on Monday & Thursday and 8:00 am-4:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. Their number is 270-707-3820, and the main contacts are Julie Hyams (Assistant), 707-3822, Julie.Hyams@kctcs.edu; Deloria Scott (Counselor), 707-3823; Deloria.Scott@kctcs.edu; Leigh Ann Simpson, (Admissions), 707-3824; leighann.simpson@kctcs.edu; Ben Littlepage (Admissions), 707-3821, Ben.Littlepage@kctcs.edu, and the Fort Campbell contact is Marc Barker, 707-3962; Marc.Barker@kctcs.edu.The HCC main number is 270-707-3700 and two toll-free numbers are available to call the Hopkinsville Campus: 1-866-534-2224; Fort Campbell Campus: 1-866-317-3950.
College HCC courses in high school? The tuition cost is $155 per credit hour. Contact any high school guidance counselor or admissions advisor at the HCC. Many students, rather than co-op or 'coast' their senior year, take their remaining required high school courses while also taking 1-2 HCC courses as well. This approach is strongly recommended rather than co-opting and for any student who intends to attend any college, not necessarily the HCC. In most instances, HCC courses transfer, so such courses do not have to be repeated at another college.
Contact Administration Central Office, School Administrators
Contact Administration School Board Member Can I speak before the School Board? To contact your School Board representative or to be added to the School Board agenda to speak before the Board, contact Sandy Price at (270) 887-7001.
Contact Administration School visits? Parents are welcome in Christian County Public Schools, but must sign in when visiting a school and show proper identification.
Contact Administration Superintendent Appointments can be made with Superintendent Brady Link by calling (270) 887-7001.
Guidelines Co-op programs If a student plans to attend college, he/she should not co-op in high school. Instead, the student should take a full course load during their senior year and improve their proficiency in writing, math, and the sciences, courses they will encounter in college. Or, during their senior year, contact the HCC and take the required courses (math . . .) that will be required during the student's freshman year of college. Or, contact the HCC to enroll in one of the college courses taught by the HCC at each high school.
Guidelines Expulsion Before a student can be expelled from school, their case must be considered by the principal, a hearing officer and the superintendent. If the superintendent recommends expulsion, his recommendation must be approved by the School Board. For more information, call Director of Pupil Personnel Sarah Kranz. She can be reached at (270) 887-7000.
Guidelines Foreign Language Courses (on-line) In addition to the foreign language classes in the local high schools, on-line courses are also available. The Kentucky Virtual High School offers on-line courses (including Chinese . . .). For additional information, please contact www.kyvs.org or www.dl.ket.org/faq/courses/1998-99sch.htm. For proficiency, contact STAMP (Standard-based Measurement of Proficiency), a web based assessment tool built to characterize proficiency levels tied to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages performance guidelines, see http://avantassessment.com/products/about_stamp.html, or contact Jacque VanHouten at 502-564-2106 with the Ky. Department of Education.
Guidelines Free Lunch For more information on the Free and Reduced Lunch program, call Sandra McIntosh, food service director, at (270) 887-7009.
Guidelines Graduate early High school students can graduate early if they have satisfied all the graduation requirements and they secure written permission from the Principal and Assistant Superintendent.
Guidelines Graduation Requirements, Commonwealth Diploma Due to the new graduation requirements approved during 2008, it is critical for all students and parents to become familiar with the new, more demanding standards. Please check with your high school counselor 2-3 years in advance of your planned graduation for details. Also, to earn a diploma earned by only a few students in any Kentucky high school, please ask your HS counselor concerning the Commonwealth Diploma.
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